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About Me...

I fell in love with the emotions attached to photographs long before I fell in love with the art of capturing them.  Pictures of my mother taken when she was younger than I am now, her dark hair hanging to her shoulders as she smiles down at me in the carrier she wears across her chest. Pictures of my father in his tight jeans and long hair, smiling wildly by one of his favorite motorcycles.  These images not only evoke emotion and memories to be shared - they give me a glimpse into who they were before they were my parents and now as a mother of children who seem to have grown up so quickly, it's all I can do to freeze these moments of a time I'm sure will be the best of my life.  

It was my husband who gifted me my first DSLR as well as my second, along with a note that said "I believe in you".  Strengthened by his confidence in me I decided to take a leap of take my intense passion  and strong desire to learn to become a photographer.

Each and every session I strive to capture beautiful moments out of the every day, little features that evoke big emotions and to provide my clients with a unique experience that will result in images that will take their breath away for years to come.

East Bay San Francisco CA California photographer specializing in newborns, materniy, family, families, pregnancy, pregnant, baby belly
Sara Pope Photograpy Bay Area CA Photographer specializing in newborn portraiture
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