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Sara Pope Photography

Brand Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Sara Pope Photography Brand Ambassador Program!  This is something entirely new and I am SUPER excited to see it through!  Word of mouth has been the LIFE LINE of my business.  It is only because of clients sharing with others about their experience, that I went from shooting part time out of my bedroom, to running a full time studio!  I am SO thankful for these families that I thought it would be a great time to create a program that would reward them for doing something that comes naturally to them!

My ambassadors will serve as the face of the studio and I hope to create lasting friendships with them as well!  This program is meant to be fun and enjoyable!  And I hope that if chosen you will put your heart and soul into the position, just like I put into my job as a photographer!  

So you're probably wondering ...
what does a brand ambassador do?!
As a Brand Ambassador for Sara Pope Photography I am asking you to tell your friends and family all about me and your experience at my studio.  Ambassadors are expected to put forth time and effort in order to be successful.  This will include sharing images/videos from your session across social medias and tagging the studio, recommending us to those who ask in person and in local online groups etc..., and responding to my posts on Facebook, my Facebook group, and on Instagram to create engagement.  Ambassadors will also be expected to add at least 10 Facebook friends to my VIP group on Facebook and invite 10 friends to my business page on Facebook.  Ambassadors must be willing and able to provide the studio with at least one referral per month during your Brand Ambassador term. 

If you consider yourself to be
authentic, extroverted and social this will be easy for you!

What will you get?!

One FREE petite session with a setup of my choosing (this may be a special setup I've created and want to promote, a model call for a mini session etc...)  You would be required to purchase an agreed upon outfit that would compliment the set under $100)  This session will allow you to get things rolling and once you've completed your requirements you will then get -
a special
Brand Ambassadors gift of $200 off any one in studio package (Newborn Sessions, Milestone Sessions and Cake Smash Sessions) as well as discounted printed products when purchased from your gallery!  You will also be able to gift $100 towards any of the above sessions to a friend or family member of your choosing! 
Ambassadors will have first pick on all limited edition sessions for the entire calendar year you are in term and if you find that you rock at this job and can refer more than 1 per month I will have
bonus incentives such as ...
Gift cards to Amazon, Target or even your favorite coffee shop!
Free prints from your session(s)
Additional discounts on all sessions booked for the entire calendar year you are in term -
1 additional referral - $10% off
2 additional referrals - $20% off  - you get the idea ;)

and MORE! 

I really REALLY want this to be a win / win for us both and will do everything I can to help you be successful!

Who is this ideal for?
This would be ideal for those with little ones or those who are expecting within the next month or so.
Those with flexible schedules that are able to meet Monday - Friday in the morning - early afternoon.
Those who are active on social media and seem to network almost effortlessly!
Those who believe in Sara Pope Photography and genuinely want to help another hard working mama to succeed! 

Last thing to note...

As mentioned this is all brand new to me, so for a bit we will learn together!  Incentives may change and grow but only for the better!  I am super excited to launch this idea and hope you are as well!  If this sounds like something you may be a good fit for please apply below and feel free to send anyone you know who may also be a good fit this way!  * I'm honestly not sure what the response will be to this but if it is as great as I hope it will be I may not be able to get back to everyone!  I will only be selecting 2 Ambassadors to get things started!



Please make sure to include the following information in your message below - incomplete applications will  not be considered.
List of social media handles:  IG, FB, Twitter, Snapchat etc... (you are not required to have them all!)
Tell me about yourself and your family!  What are the names and ages of your kids?
Why do you think you'd be a great fit for this program?
And of course, anything else that you'd like to add to sway the vote ;) 


Thanks for your interest!

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